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corfu challenge 2017
CORFU, GREECE- 08 July, 2017
Congratulations to George Sakellaris and Team Proteus, the 2017 Corfu Challenge winners! One final race was held on Saturday, and spectators were delighted to watch the exciting prestart match racing that played out. Conditions started out lighter than previous days, 12-16 knots from the north west. When asked about the team’s prestart plan, Proteus strategist Tommaso Chieffi explained, “Initially we decided to match race MOMO, we knew if we didn’t they would come after us. There was a lot of action because aside from us, Cannonball was going after Bella Mente to race for third.” He expanded on the exciting start, “The great thing about this boat is they are so maneuverable and light, and with the large number of crew you can pretty much do anything.” The race seven winner was Hap Fauth and team Bella Mente followed by MOMO, Proteus, Evniki and Cannonball. Rolex, the Official Timepiece, congratulates all teams for completing the first ever Maxi 72 regatta in Greece!

The event was exceptional for many reasons, but perhaps the most standout was the journey of Evniki. It was the first-time a group of young sailors, under the guidance of veteran professionals, have raced in a world class Maxi 72 event. Over the course of the week, the team was immersed in the daily grind amongst some of the highest-level sailors, surely an unforgettable experience.

“What has made the Corfu Challenge different than any other regatta is the heart, passion, and warm generosity of everyone who came together.” Cathy Sakellaris thanked everyone involved and especially mentioned the organizing committee. From day one, committee members continued to give and asked for nothing other than to promote the sport we are all passionate about! Awards were given at the Museum of Asian art at the beautiful Palace of St. Michael and St. George in the heart of Corfu. Along with the hand crafted first-place trophy, a perpetual trophy was introduced in honor of George Coumantaros. This year it was given to all Corfu Challenge Maxi 72 owners to signify the high level international racing showcased throughout the week.

photos by: ICARUS Sports/Rolex

The Corfu Challenge Reawakens The Ancient Spirit of Sailing

Corfu, Greece: July 3 - 8, 2017
This summer, the usually quiet waters of the Ionian Sea will once again roil with ancient energy—a dauntless fleet of sailing ships racing toward the shores of Corfu. A vision straight from the pages of Apollonius, it could easily be Jason and his Argonauts outracing the Colchian fleet in their famous arrival at the island. The name of Jason’s ship, Argo, means “swift,” and these vessels are all worthy of the name.

They are the world’s top, state-of-the-art Maxi 72 class racing yachts, each crewed by a team of modern-day Argonauts vying for victory in the inaugural Corfu Challenge, July 3-8, 2017. The concept of the race was inspired by two good friends, George Sakellaris and George Courmouzis, who conceived the idea of a Maxi72 Class race in Greece. Their goal was to bring new challenges to the sport—new experiences that would at the same time reconnect sailing to its oldest historical roots. Together they shared this vision with top racing yacht owners and were able to convince them over a period of six years to come to Greece.


Bella Mente

USA 45




IVB 72


USA 60722


July 3 - 8, 2017
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